Novelty cakes

Do you want your child's birthday cake to be the one cake that all the parents are talking about? Then you've come to the right place! Why wander the highstreet for that 'favourite' Licensed cake to match the tableware your child have had their heart set on, then find you have to compromise because they have either sold old/ discontinued, or just don't have the cake your child wants! Then go no further - Helen can create anything from a Classic Happy birthday Message cake, through to a Novelty cake using her skill in modelling a fantastic ''Wow'' centrepiece, eg Fairy Castles / Cars.

Less sweet cakes & natural colours available!

Also, why bother with the hassle of cutting the cake up at the party to wrap up for the party bags, why not just order a plain covered cake already cut & wrapped in portions to go with your centrepiece cake. You then, won't have to worry about too many 'e numbers', because the cake for the kids can be colourless!!! then 'you' can indulge in the centrepiece cake at home later!

What about an adults special birthday, that you have spent ages planning for a surprise! Wouldn't it be good to have a real centre piece cake, eg Louis Vuitton handbag cake! Whatever idea you have, whether a picture to copy, or a thought in your head of a hobby, job or interest of the person, then please give me a call, & together we will be able to come up with a design that will bring a smile to their face!!

3D cakes from £60 2 1/2D 'shaped' cakes from £50 2D cakes from £40 Mini cupcakes with Initial x3 for £2 (only available with a birthday cake)

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